Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

A few days ago the Insane Clown Posse came out with a video that is a shot for shot homage to David Shadi Perez’s original video for House of Pain. I thought it only fitting to put them side by side.



by Rasquaché Film Productions

A Ghanaian student’s vision of his future takes a sudden turn after his father’s death. Obligation and ambition clash in modern Africa.

Save the Children released a haunting video that imagines one little girl’s life ravaged by war in the course of one year. Inspired by the 5 million young people displaced and affected by the Syrian conflict, the brief clips follow a British child’s experience if combat violence tore apart her home and family. The intimate first-person perspective powerfully illustrates why it is so important to be aware and give help to those suffering across the world. Marking the third anniversary of the Syrian crisis, the video’s message is a timely reminder – “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

To get involved, visit Save the Children’s website.

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The Instagram version of the Adidas = Pharrell Williams shoot #whatsunderthehat

adidas = Pharrell Williams

Directed and shot on location in Australia by the one and only David Shadi Perez ( shadinycwith pharrell-williams.

I don’t mind if a movie is made for a lot of money if it is great, but I don’t want to choose movies because I’m paid twice more,” he says. “It’s nice to be able to choose movies only for artistic reasons. All of these great movies that I’m making now, it’s because of that. After I did ‘The Interpreter’ with Sydney Pollack, which was a good experience, I just wanted to do films where I know that the director is free to choose the way he wants to make his movie, write the script the way he wants, have the actors he wants, has final cut, doesn’t have to listen to any studio telling him what to do. That’s the choice I’m making at the moment, deliberately.

Darius Khondji

Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze

Lost & Found | Shakje II

Shakje II was created by capturing footage of a man dancing and slowing the footage down to the length of a recorded sound piece from a group of storytellers vocalizing. Both video and audio were scraps from other professional projects, destined to be deleted and never seen or heard.


Video Bowl: Chee Wang Ng, (USA), 108 Global Rice Bowls, 2008, 5:24 minutes

Video Bowl, a component of Object Focus: The Bowl, Engage + Use,draws from work produced across the globe, and represents wide-ranging conversations relating to the technical, material, formal, and socio-cultural implications of the bowl.

Vimeo Pro DDoS Attack

If anyone uses #VimeoPro to point to their domain, after the Feb 2nd DDoS attack you will need to switch your IP A Record to And be prepared as they may need to switch it again.