Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob


CLOUDS is an interactive documentary that presents a conversation among 40 artists, designers, and hackers who use code, and collaborate on open source tool kits. It explores themes of creativity and invention, interactive art, simulation, computational design, data visualization, and the future of storytelling.

The Creativity mini trailer features:

  • Diederick Huijbers
  • Golan Levin
  • Shantell Martin
  • Zach Lieberman

On Creativity:

CLOUDS : creativity from Deepspeed media on Vimeo.

Yayoi Kusama: Self Obliteration

Japan’s Polka-Dot Pioneer on a Life at the Mercy of Her Art

“She says that if she doesn’t paint she wouldn’t exist,” says Martín Rietti of his latest subject, 84-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. “Her work has an authenticity that I don’t often see in contemporary art.” The Argentinian director visited Kusama at her studio in Tokyo ahead of her latest show that opens at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, curated by Deputy Chief Curator of MALBA, Philip Larratt-Smith, and Francis Morris, who curated her retrospective at the Tate in 2012. This first major retrospective in Latin America opens tomorrow before traveling to four other cities in South and Central America over the next year and a half. It leads the viewer through over 100 works created between 1950 and the present day, spanning her early period in Japan, 15-year stint in New York where she befriended fellow artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Donald Judd and Joseph Cornell, and her return to Tokyo, where she has been living voluntarily in a psychiatric clinic since 1977. “Her work is not only a revelation of her inner psychic reality but also a sort of time capsule of the emancipatory and utopian moment of the late 1960s,” says Larratt-Smith. “She is a very seductive person, secretive and charming. When she speaks the obsessive cast of her mind becomes immediately clear: she talks in circles, often repeating the same thing many times. It is clear that she has deep psychic wounds, but also that her work sustains her and keeps her going.”

Workaholics have an unhealthy relationship with their work. They are busy, but not productive. They have an obsession with their work, much in the same way an unfortunate person with an eating disorder is obsessed with food. The work itself becomes an addiction, and they lose sight of the other parts of life that are beneficial, healthy, and productive. The purpose of work should be to enable those other things, and to foster a positive self worth that comes from being productive, and living a balanced life.

Jim WagnerUnlearning and Learning.


A short film documenting the events the night of May 31st 2014, when athletes from all over the city and all over the world came together to compete in an unsanctioned, underground, 13.1mi running race through the open streets of New York City.


I had the pleasure of shooting alongside Brian Vernor to document the last Orchard Street Runners Midnight Half Marathon though the streets of NYC. I love Brian’s vision for the piece which takes this video far beyond just coverage of the event and makes it into a great short film. It’s truly amazing what Brian can do from a bike following these runners through the city at night. 

Friend and fellow nerd ShadiNYC sent me over a Nerdist article where YouTuber The Unusual Suspect created a mash up trailer of Star Wars using the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy as a template. After watching it, this is what struck me:

"It’s incredible how you can track the course of the history of cinema through trailers even more than the films themselves. This is as much a course in cinema studies as it is just a fun parody."

I had the chance to meet an amazing visual artist and her work is stunning. It’s very hard to meet the quality of a still image in video work but artist Annina Roescheisen executes it brilliantly (and this was 3 years ago!)


Trace Dominguez of DiscoveryNews went to the site of a comet that crashed on the Brooklyn waterfront overlooking the Manhattan bridge to interview the brains and hands behind this amazing sculpture.

It was bright, and I mean super bright that day and I was really worried about the highlights holding in such a contrasty environment, but once again the SONY FS100 held up incredibly well though I noticed the image was a bit soft in places for the singles as the lens was at an f25 even with a polarizer. 

The Barely Political team hit 2 BILLION VIEWS, which is insane but in my opinion completely deserved. They invited me to/locked me in their studio and came to spin the wheel of awesome questions and tell me some secrets. 

I shot this as 2nd op with fellow Purchase alumni Matt Mendelson leading as DP. It was one of the most ridiculous sets I’ve been on in a while for reasons I should’t air in public because… well, I want the love. 

Puff Daddy - I Want The Love (Explicit) ft. Meek Mill

What is My Damn Channel LIVE?

This recap iOS reminding me that this may still have been one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever been asked to do. 

Lana Del Rey Studio Meltdown

I had the huge huge pleasure to shoot with the team at Barely Political in their studio at YouTube NYC. If you have never seen a Barely Political video I have to warn you that if you start watching you may snap to hours later wondering how so much time went by because they are all hilarious.

I was wondering who they could get to play Lana Del Rey and much to my surprise and delight, Beth Hoyt walked in. Beth was the host of MyDamnChannel Live which I shot for and love every minute of. She’s the best and proves it here.

It was great to get back into comedy and awesome change of pace from the corporate, just making money jobs that I’ve had coming across my lens lately so I’m even more excited to see it came out so well. Working there was laid back and full of laughs but everybody was super on point and professional at the same time lead by director Tom Small.

You think you have a cool camera rig… YOU ARE WRONG! 

You think you are doing pretty advanced projection mapping… double wrong!